Special Needs

Solo Mom Dating: When and How to Discuss Your Kids with Special Needs

ESME’s Anna Stewart shares some tips based on experience

Special Needs

Executive Functioning: What You Need to Know

Helping your child organize and prepare

Special Needs

Approaching Adolescence and Increasing Independence

How to change your approach to parenting as your child gets older

Special Needs

Are You Hovering Over Your Child with Special Needs?

Take a breather—and let them do it

Special Needs

Programs Not Accepting Your Child?

Strategies for getting them in that are well worth a try


Special Needs

The Power of Theater for a Son With Special Needs

Sue Makkoo talks about how theater gave her son his connection to our wo...

Special Needs

Five Kids’ Books That Help Explain Learning Disabilities to Your Child

Picture books about learning disabilities can make things easier

Special Needs

Help! They Are Ignoring My Kid’s IEP?

Key steps Solo Moms can take to ensure IEP compliance

Special Needs

Power Up Your IEP

Gain confidence in advocating for your child’s needs

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