Special Needs

Planning for the Future, Part Two: Where Will They Live When I Am Gone?

Housing and guardianship realities for our children with special needs

Special Needs

Is Your Teen with Special Needs Ready for a Job?

Things to consider when helping your child enter the job market

Special Needs

Executive Functioning: What You Need to Know

Helping your child organize and prepare

Special Needs

Parenting Two Children With Special Needs

Wisdom from a Solo Mom, grandmother, and parenting professional

Special Needs

All Kids Have Needs

Reducing the guilt and stress of parenting siblings with and without special needs


Special Needs

Raising a Child with ADHD

How one Solo Mom frames her son’s ADHD as a strength

Special Needs

Successful Playdates for Kids with Special Needs

Do your homework and make plans for fun!

Special Needs

Picture Books That Start a Conversation About Special Needs

Wonderful books to demystify the challenges of disability

Special Needs

The Power of Theater for a Son With Special Needs

Sue Makkoo talks about how theater gave her son his connection to our wo...

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