Special Needs

Help! They Are Ignoring My Kid’s IEP?

Key steps Solo Moms can take to ensure IEP compliance

Special Needs

When Your Kid with Significant Needs Turns 18

The stakes are high, the services low, and the management complex

Special Needs

Recognizing Humanity in a Young Man with Down Syndrome

An honest conversation with Solo Mom Lene Jaqua about her son Benjamin

Special Needs

What If My Kid with Special Needs Struggles in College?

You might have to change expectations and agendas

Special Needs

Should I Make My Child with Special Needs Do Chores?

Build invaluable skills and efficacy


Special Needs

Book Review for Solo Moms: “The Reason I Jump”

Young-adult book about living with autism

Special Needs

Are You Practicing Soft Job Skills with Your Teen?

Top 10 “soft skills” that kids with special needs should know before the...

Special Needs

Raising a Son with Significant Physical and Cognitive Needs

Single mom Lori Sandler chooses to focus on the positive

Special Needs

A Talk with the Author of “Going Solo While Raising Children with Disabilities”

Parenting expert Laura Marshak finds “genius moments” that inspire

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