“We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humor”

“We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humor”

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Frank, funny, and unflinchingly real stories by Solo Moms, for Solo Moms

In the United States, more than 15 million women are parenting children on their own, either by circumstance or by choice. Too often these moms who do it all have been misrepresented and maligned. Not anymore.

In We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humor, 75 Solo Mom writers tell the truth about their lives—their hopes and fears, their resilience and setbacks, their embarrassments and triumphs. These personal essays, poems, and quotations offer a literary look into a diverse range of Solo Mom experiences. You’ll meet women pursuing parenthood without a partner, moms shepherding their kids through divorce, military moms holding down the fort, widowed moms navigating grief, dating moms testing out Tinder, and more. Some of these writers’ names will sound familiar, such as Amy Poehler, Anne Lamott, and Elizabeth Alexander, while others are about to become unforgettable. Bound together by their strength, pride, and—most of all—their dedication to their children, they broadcast a universal message, empowering Solo Moms everywhere: You are not alone. Your tenacity, courage, and fierce love are worthy of celebration.

Edited by Marika Lindholm, Cheryl Dumesnil, Domenica Ruta, and Katherine Shonk, our anthology is available on Amazon. It’s the perfect gift for a mom who parents alone or is about to embark on that journey. We are so excited to share our love letter to Solo Moms who deserve that and more!

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Check out what’s already been said about We Got This:

“Seventy-five writers share the experiences, hardships, and triumphs of single motherhood.

In 2015, Lindholm, a contributor to and one of four co-editors of this collaborative debut anthology, founded Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere, a social platform and ‘informative community for single moms, who currently raise 22 million American children.’ This was the genesis for this collection, which seeks to eliminate the stigma of solo motherhood by combatting outdated stereotypes. Along the way, the essays show the writers’ grace, their humor, and even their mistakes. Readers will find some of the authors’ names familiar, although their stories may not be. Ariel Gore, the award-winning writer and founding editor of the periodical Hip Mama, shares lies that she told in the Sonoma County welfare office in order to keep both her child and her creativity alive. Iraqi writer Faleeha Hassan recalls fleeing her home country after appearing on dangerous militants’ ‘death lists’; in Turkey, she struggled to enroll her children in school—not just for their education, but for the warmth that their unheated apartment couldn’t provide. Amy Poehler of Parks and Recreation fame breaks down divorce with heartbreaking and sidesplitting hilarity. Among these and other well-known names are emerging writers, poets, and performers. They include writers with ties to ESME, authors of color, military mothers, and LGBTQ parents and those who were raised by them. The well-curated collection is divided into seven chapters with strict, but never restrictive, themes, such as raising children, seeking help, and dating while single. Readers will be able to revisit these essays for laughs, inspiration, or a cathartic cry.

An engaging tribute to the heart, soul, and ingenuity of solo moms.”

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

We Got This is fierce love meets fear meets wonder. I savored these poems and essays, which are full of humor and heartbreak, wisdom and humanity. These pieces will help any mother—single or not—to feel inspired and supported, seen and understood, as she navigates this tremendous thing called motherhood.”

—Kate Hopper, author, Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood and Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers

“The voices in We Got This are touching, vulnerable, hilarious, insightful, bold, strong, resilient, and brilliant. Whether you are facing single motherhood, you are a single mom, or you love one, this book is a mirror to the special life experience of solo mothering—and solo thriving.”

—Emma Johnson, founder, Wealthysinglemommy.com; author, The Kickass Single Mom

We Got This is a reunion of survivors. No ‘how-to’ here, just a loving village of women who have been there, who are still there, and who reach out a hand to you, single mom, to help you get your bearings. Within these pages, you will find encouraging strength and the promise of finding your own joy.”

—M. M. De Voe, founder and director, Pen Parentis, Ltd.

“Isolated, scared, sad, and hopeless are some of the emotions I felt when I was going through my divorce 11 years ago. I had two small children and no family living near me, and I had never felt so alone. I wish I could have read We Got This back then. Reading this book made me feel like I had friends, women who understand me, who care about me, and who are here for me, and like no matter what, everything is going to be OK!”

—Jackie Pilossoph, creator, Divorced Girl Smiling, and “Love Essentially” columnist for Chicago Tribune Media Group

“The collection of stories in We Got This is a beautifully crafted testament to the universe of solo motherhood that connects women who feel like strangers, in the most intimate of ways.”

—Deborah Gruenfeld, professor and codirector, Executive Program in Women’s Leadership, Stanford University

We Got This is a terrific collection of voices of solo moms—and their kids. The laments and triumphs of these mothers filled me with awe and laughter, and made me proud to belong to the human race.”

—Sari Wilson, author, Girl Through Glass

We Got This brings hope, light, joy and humor to the seemingly dark road of being a solo mom—a job that we often don’t choose and that we can’t quit. The stories shared in this collection brought me great joy because they are heartfelt depictions of the solo mom reality. Go get yourself a copy. You will be glad you did.”

—Noelle Federico, business consultant and founder, Theworkingsinglemom.com

“Remember when adults asked your young self, ‘Who’s your hero?’ and you named your favorite president or pop star? After reading We Got This, I dare you not to revisit that question. The 75 diverse single mothers in this extraordinary collection have married their fierce love for their children with their fierce skills as writers. Their voices whisper and bellow, protest and rejoice, hum and sing. Collectively, they announce: single moms are our unsung heroes.”

—Alma Gottlieb, coauthor of A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Eight Societies

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