Single Moms

Sons & Daughters

Lebron James: Learning Parenting from the Best

Gloria Marie James was 16 years old when her son, LeBron James, was born. The Solo Mom and son lived with LeBron’s grandmother in a house in Akron,...

Sons & Daughters

Friedrich Nietzsche: Done for Love

Friedrich Nietzsche, who grew up to become a famous German philosopher and poet, suffered tremendous loss at an early age: both his father and youn...

Sons & Daughters

2 Chainz: Helluva Dude

When rapper Tauheed Epps was a kid growing up in College Park, Georgia, his dad was in and out of jail; his mom, for all intents and purposes, rais...

Sons & Daughters

Louis Armstrong: Defying the Odds

Louis Armstrong came into a world with the deck stacked against him: born in New Orleans, the boy lived in a section of the city so poor it was nic...

Sons & Daughters

President James A. Garfield: The Last of the Log-Cabin Presidents

Just shy of 50 years old when he was killed by an assassin’s bullet, President James A. Garfield nevertheless managed to cram a wealth of experienc...

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