Eva Mendes: Dreaming Big

Eva Mendes: Dreaming Big

Raised by her Cuban mother, Eva Perez Suarez, in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale after her parents’ divorce, Eva Mendes used to accompany her mom to work at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. During the bus commute to the theater, Mendes would imagine living in one of the gorgeous homes they’d pass along the way. “At the time we lived in this tiny apartment,” Mendes told the website Violet Grey. “One bathroom. Four kids.” Having grown up to be an actress, model, singer, and designer, she finds meaning in her childhood fancies: “I believe the seeds of our dreams and ambitions are planted early in life.” A mother herself now, Mendes, who turns to her mom for parenting advice, expresses real appreciation for Suarez’s strength: “I cannot believe that by the time my mother was 24 she had three kids under the age of four.”

Image via Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock.com

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