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Assisted Reproductive Technology Resource Guide

A Welcome Note from Your ESME Assisted Reproductive Technology Resource Guide, Meghan Lewis

Dear ESME Sisters,

Parenthood. Some evolve unintentionally into this equally mundane and mysterious role by Nature’s steamy and streamy course of inherent self-determination; the ocean refuses no river as is most frequently and fretfully the case with fecund and fervently unprotected young adults—though clearly not always the ones fretting whilst engaging in future family formations.

Whether you have experienced an untimely conception and your chosen outcome was to release the pregnancy, have experienced the emotional magnitude of multiple miscarriages, or have joyfully birthed your first child, or are just beginning your donor-selection adventure, welcome to ESME’s Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Resource Page and vast community of intentional solo-parents-to-be!

Though solo parenthood has a far greater range of freedoms than there is room to list here, no doubt, the expansion of conception pushes us to our outer limits and sometimes has us recoil into the pangs of our innermost fears. Finding heartfelt connection with your communities of support will be invaluable throughout your many challenges and chuckles regarding this potentially perilous yet entirely precious and deeply personal pursuit.

ESME’s ART articles and posts are here for those of you just beginning to feel it out, considering solo parenthood, and exploring your range of options. We are here to offer guidance as you find your way into and throughout the various realms of fertility-enhancement practices via our Sister Chat and ESME Tribe support groups. We are a caring and compassionate community in “gene-uine” support of each other cycle after cycle, in connection through conception.



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