Not Your Grandmother’s Baby Shower

Not Your Grandmother’s Baby Shower

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Modern and unique baby shower ideas for Solo Moms

Getting ready to plan a baby shower for a Solo Mom-to-be, or planning your own? Feeling overwhelmed with ideas, or can’t find anything that fits? In our modern world, many women stick to tradition and have all-female baby showers, but that shouldn’t stop you from having an all-gender event. Our variety of fun baby shower and gift ideas will please even the pickiest Solo Mom-to-be and her guests.

Themed costume baby shower

One of my favorite coed baby shower ideas allows your guests to be creative. Pick a theme for your shower. It could be a dress-up party in your favorite era with mustaches and hats, bohemian-themed clothing, Roaring ’20s attire . . . the ideas are endless. Decorate your chosen venue to match your theme. You can make or buy cookies and cakes to match, or choose an entire themed food menu. Invite your guests to dress up in costume for your super unique baby shower. Give out costume prizes and make a do-it-yourself photo booth, complete with fun props to make more wonderful memories. Take a look at this creative and easy way to set up your own photo booth at your event.


One very cost-effective and delicious idea for a baby shower is a potluck. If you are looking for a casual baby shower idea with a minimal amount of prep, a potluck get-together is going to be a perfect choice for a busy Solo Mom-to-be. Remove the stress by having your guests decide on the menu. For the food-inclined, choose a theme or cuisine that you love. Some delicious ideas could be Italian, Greek, or Mexican, or you could have a cakes-and-cookies party with teas and coffee. Other fun ideas include a barbecue, a sandwich bar, pasta, chili and cornbread, a salad bar, or fondue. The options are endless. Your shower will be talked about for a long time, and no one will leave with an empty stomach. Check out this very handy guide from Bon Appétit on having the perfect potluck event.

Onesie maker

What’s better than having a drawer full of colorful onesies that are all painted and bedazzled by friends? If you’re itching for your little one to have all “original” clothing, this baby shower is for you. You can buy white and colored cotton onesies online in bulk. Pick a variety of sizes, from newborn to 12 months in different colors and sleeve lengths. You will need fabric paint, brushes, fabric glue, buttons, thread, yarn, fabric markers, and any scraps of ribbon, fabric, or other fun items that could be sewn onto the onesies. Set up craft stations and get to work! You could give creative suggestions to your guests using postcards, printed papers, photos, and more. Pinterest has hundreds of ideas and instructions to help you plan your decorating stations. Let your friends and family get creative and make unique and memorable clothes for your baby.

Have your friends and family take a photo with their creation so you can show your little one who made the Picasso lookalike or the Rembrandt-inspired scene. Get inspired with your food. Do an entire dipping menu or tiny bites in pops of color. Make cookies to look like buttons, onesies, or even paint splatters. You are the artist, and your options are endless.

Flower arranging

If you love flowers, this baby shower will fill your home with beautiful bouquets, and you will have automatic take-home gifts for your guests. Ask your guests to bring flowers to the shower, including a vase or vessel for their own creation. With additionally provided bundles, some greenery, and scissors, you will be arranging beautiful flowers into works of art. If you want a theme, you could go with wildflowers, all-white, or just see what arrives. You can be the designer of your afternoon. Choose tea sandwiches or a picnic-themed event with blankets and pillows to round out your shower. If the weather is beautiful and you have access to the outdoors, do the entire event outside and double up on nature’s bounty. Get some inspiration online. House Beautiful has some gorgeous floral ideas that will get the creative juices flowing.

Bring a book and make a book

Bringing a book as a baby shower gift is very common, and you can easily make a registry of books that you would like people to bring. Making a book is something very few of us think about, but you don’t have to even write a new story. To make your books, choose fairy tales and classic stories and print them out in a book format on 12 to 14 pages. Give your guests magazines, cards, markers, and other craft items to create the images for the corresponding stories. You will be able to keep these fun and creative novelty books as a memento, and they will also be a fun way to explore new stories and art with your child. This website can help you find a free layout to print your books.

Classes and learning

If you are really into yoga, jewelry, cupcakes, pasta making, or gardening, hire an expert and create a unique baby shower theme around your hobby or passions. Your guests will get to know a little bit more about you by sharing in this experience and will come away from the day with something new they have learned. You can plan a theme for your shower around your class. After all, it is a celebration of you and your new babe, and what would be more fitting than a day focused on your awesome talents and interests?

Planning your event

You may be surprised how involved your guests will get in their crafts and projects. It could be hard to pry them away for lunch or dessert. When doing crafts, classes, or activities at an event or shower, put aside a desired amount of time and allow flexibility for people to nibble and talk. Not everyone may want to participate, but you don’t want to rush people to finish. Introduce the activity early on in the shower. You can move on to other games, food, and conversations as the day progresses, but it will allow people to come back to their project or decide to take a go as they choose. Of course, if you are having a yoga class or other event that requires total focus from the group, let your guests know the flow, timing, and expectations so people can prepare ahead, especially if you need everyone to be on time.

Remember, your baby shower is a day for you to relax and have a really nice experience with friends and family. You can make it be anything you want. If someone else is planning the day for you, it’s fine to offer suggestions, and let him or her know your theme, guest list, and size preferences. Have a great day, and enjoy preparing for your new bundle of joy!

Rebecca Cherry is an accomplished musician, writer, and creative seeker. She is enjoying her new role as a Solo Mom to her baby girl. You can follow her on Twitter at @CherryRebecca and Facebook at Rebecca Cherry.

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