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A Welcome Note from Your ESME Military Resource Guide, Angie Ricketts

Dear ESME Sisters,

As a military spouse, we do our best to include our often-absent green suitor in the family dynamic. We all know what a challenge that can be. Our soldier is in and out with almost no steady routine or predictability.

That leaves us, the moms, the Solo Moms. We juggle many hats, but “Mom” is the biggest hat of all.

Some of us work, and many of us stay home. Some live on post, some off. Some of us worry that our kids will be screwed up from all the upheaval, the worry of war, and a lack of knowing what’s next. Will they be as resilient as the military would like us to believe?

We are not typical single parents. We honor the temporary void left in our family when our soldier is gone. We respect that role, yet we must also acknowledge that the void comes with issues and unique challenges.

This is where ESME comes in. We aren’t a military organization. We are a bunch of moms trying to get through the day, trying to help our kids be happy and successful despite our nontraditional family dynamic. We are here to help, listen, and maybe sometimes guide you through the dark days and cheer with you on the great days.

Just knowing you’re not alone on your path is often enough.

Other times, we need help. ESME is here for you, here for your other military sisters as well. We do not judge; we do not report. We listen, and we do our best to make your journey a successful one. Please know that we are here for you! Check out our military-themed articles, resources, and my bio. We also have Sister Chat and Tribes for additional support and connection. I have been around the army wife bubble my entire life, and chances are if I can’t help you, I know someone who can. Join us!

Welcome to ESME, and don’t be a stranger.



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