Nancy Nelson

Addiction Resource Guide

A Welcome Note from Your ESME Addiction Resource Guide, Nancy Jo Nelson

Dear ESME Sisters,

YOU are amazing. YOU are courageous. YOU are the most incredible YOU.

We all have our own story—unique—yet we are share similarities. And I hope this is a place where you feel seen, heard, and understood as only those of us who “get it” can. A place to drop the masks, get honest, and work toward loving ourselves the same way we love others. I hope you find support, encouragement, and freedom here to be your amazing self. May this place be one of truth . . . nonjudgment . . . growth . . . empowerment.

We women are fascinating and resilient and resourceful. Many of us forget this from time to time when the words of the world up their volume. We forget that there is more than one way to do life and just showing up and doing our best is brave. May this place remind us of that whenever the “shoulds” of the world get too loud.

I hope this place helps you find your voice and expertise. No one knows you like you do. The fact that addiction knits us together, whether we are in a personal battle or whether we are the collateral damage, is only one fact about us; it is not our whole story, as there is always more to it than that. But this is a place where you are safe to let go of whatever you are carrying; find relief, advice, or connection; and know you are not alone. I can’t wait to meet you!

As we grow in our stories and share our struggles, may we learn here that there is safety in our sameness. We can hold each other up and know in our bones that we are never alone. As we rejoice in the beauty of life, we can celebrate together, too. Hopefully, we will find our joys more joyful and our pain less painful as we walk along together, because women are amazing, courageous, and incredible. And together? We can share our resources, insight, and hearts in a way that multiplies our strength.

That’s why ESME is here and why I’m so honored to be called “Guide” for this group of warriors. I grew up with an alcoholic father and then repeated the pattern in my own home. And I learned, sometimes the hard way, that we cannot change anyone but ourselves, no matter how much we love them. Usually we need to learn how to love ourselves first, even if it’s over and over and over again.

You’re in the right place.

We are all partners here. We are all guides. We are all experts. We are stronger together and have so much knowledge and love to share.

When you need a place where your “real” is safe, may you find it here.

When you need encouragement, may you find it here.

When you need resources, may you find them here.

When you need sisters, may you find us here.



PS. Be sure to check out Sister Chat and especially the various Tribes for support and connection.

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