THINX Panties Saved My Life!

THINX Panties Saved My Life!

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An innovative solution that helps women go with the flow

When I was asked to try THINX panties for the greater good, I was skeptical. How could cute panties also be an effective barrier between my period blood and pants?

With zero shame when it comes to talking publicly about my period, I was ready to find out.

THINX saved me

OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but thanks to THINX, I don’t have to wash my sheets when I get my period while sleeping in the middle of the night. With a pending diagnosis for endometriosis, I suffer from a few things when it comes to my periods: extreme cramps, heavy flow, and early arrivals. Until now, there wasn’t much I could do about that last one. My cramps start sometimes a week (yes, a week!) in advance and slowly progress on the pain scale until I’m double fisting glasses of wine and popping Midol like it’s candy.

I had some pretty intense cramps this cycle, and my gut told me I should try the panties one night just to see if they were comfortable. And lo and behold, my period arrived magically that night, but for once my sheets didn’t look like a murder scene! And if that weren’t great enough, I could go to work without worrying about things such as leakage or changing pads—I can finally wear khakis with confidence while on my period!

Caring for your THINX panties

Thankfully, my THINX panties are also super easy to care for. I just rinse them out after use and then throw them in the washer on a cold cycle with my other clothes. The only thing different I had to do with them was air-dry them before using them again.

The real deal

The only downside to the panties is that they can hold only one-half to two tampons’ worth of liquid at a time (depending on which style you choose), but I guess since they’re not magical or diapers, I can’t hold that against them. On my heavier days, I wore these with a menstrual cup for added protection, and I can see these panties working great for women who want to use a cup but are afraid of the learning curve that comes with giving a cup a chance. These could also be great for young girls, who often are not ready for tampons when they get their period, leaving them minimal options for products they can use during their periods.

Although the panties range in price from $24 to $39, making them more expensive than a box of traditional pads or tampons, they are cute and reusable and come in two colors: black and beige. Combined with other THINX products, such as training shorts, leotards, and unitards, which also hold one-half to two tampons’ worth of liquid depending on the style, you’ll be able to build a cycle set to meet your needs, or you can use them in conjunction with whatever you use during your heavy-flow days and then wear them solo on your lighter-flow days, which is exactly how I will be managing my cycle going forward.

But are they weird?

Honestly, the biggest worry I had was telling my partner about all this. Imagine saying to your boyfriend, “Hey, babe, I’m going to wear these THINX panties and hope they stop me from bleeding everywhere.” Talking about our periods has always been taboo, and because THINX products are so different from anything else that I’ve used, I felt an obligation to give him a heads-up about it. When I first mentioned it, he was on the fence about them, but he told me that if I liked them that my opinion of them would be the only thing that mattered, as I’m the one who is wearing them. Overall, he was impressed with how cute and easy to care for they are. The best part was that on my super light days, I didn’t have to deal with using tampons or a cup, which can sometimes become irritating toward the end of my period. I also didn’t need to mess with pads, and I could see these being a complete game changer for newly postpartum moms because they’re very comfortable.

Ultimately, would I recommend these?

Hands down, these panties are amazing, and I would recommend them, especially if your period is not always on time or if you’re looking for backup protection. These panties allow me the freedom to wear light colors during my period and to be more comfortable on my lighter days. As a bonus, they’re super easy to care for, and my boyfriend is not repulsed by them, which was one of my biggest worries.

Have you tried THINX yet? If so, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re a first time buyer get $10 off using this link!

Tara Glenn is a Solo Mom of four who currently resides in Pensacola, Florida. She has a background in public affairs, writing, and photography. Tara spent five years in the Navy and now volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol as a public affairs officer. She enjoys working with small businesses as a ghostwriter as well as encouraging her children’s love for aviation in her free time—the running joke being that she only creates pilots, as all of her children love to fly!

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

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