My three unique teens and I live in Boulder, Colorado along with a menagerie of two- and four-footed critters. Personally and professionally, I am a champion for our loved ones with disabilities. When they are young, we get very skilled at advocating for them and then slowly learn to advocate with them. As my children are launching into their adult lives, I have to practice stepping back and letting them have the dignity of risk to make mistakes, to solve their problems and create new ways of being. I live this daily with my 16-year-old daughter, who has an intellectual disability, and with my young-adult son, who is dealing with his limitations from a life-altering injury. I write and work with and for parents like me as we learn to navigate this unexpected journey. I facilitate several parent networking groups and am working on a large writing project with other parents for our local Arc Chapter. We are using the Hero’s Journey, a pattern common to many narratives, to scribe and sort our experiences and honor the gifts and scars of our stories. I am also the author of over 400 articles, essays, and reviews, along with my book, Mother Blessings: Honoring Women Becoming Mothers and my eBook, School Support for Students with AD/HD.

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