The Weight of a Ring

The Weight of a Ring

Amy Biancolli was utterly unprepared one September morning when two police officers knocked at her door. They told her that Chris, her husband of 20 years, had been found dead from what seemed to be suicide. She and her three children had to learn to cope with the reality of loss. On NPR’s The Moth Radio Hour, Biancolli talks about what she says is the hardest thing she’s ever done—breaking the news to her children. She also tells the story of the confusion she faced after her husband’s loss: “When you lose your spouse, no one comes up to you and says, ‘Welcome to widowhood! Here’s the guidebook.’ There is no guidebook.”

Listen to her story on The Moth, and learn more about her on her blog, Figuring. Shit. Out.

Dr. Jacob Kronenberg was raised by not one but two fabulous Solo Moms. He enjoys cooking, learning languages, and spending time with his family and friends.

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