Call of a Lifetime

Call of a Lifetime

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An ESME Poetry Award Submission

Call of a Lifetime

She never got as far as walking through the doors

Just the scheduling phone call

First giving her name and social security number

The woman on the other end

Could have cared less

Robotically saying words

from a memorized script

Each frozen utterance

cutting to the core like rapidly falling shards of sleet

A chilling premonition

How she could start unconsciously living

heart scarred

with no regard

for the least of these

like the host to the voice

mechanically filling out contact information onto a sheet

Despite having no idea what the future would hold

She decided not to go

This exchange

impetus enough

to continue

being host

to the unplanned fetus

Terimarie Degree is a mid-west residing emerging writer and poet. She grew up the child to a naval officer living everywhere from southern California to unique locales such as the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. These experiences have supplied reflections that cover an assortment of topics from faith, family, relationships and coming of age in the 1980s.

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