Divorced at 41 with no job and two toddlers, I found my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I took to journaling and writing a novel to soothe the devastation and pain of my divorce, and ended up writing five books! Three years ago, I started a blog, Divorced Girl Smiling, to offer advice and support to those facing divorce. The success of my site earned me a spot as a Huffington Post divorce blogger and my weekly dating and relationship column, ”Love Essentially,” published in the Chicago Tribune’s Pioneer Press. My kids are now vibrant preteens who are kindhearted, loving, and at times silly, and I have a blast with them when they aren’t driving me crazy. I am also deeply in love and happier than I’ve ever been in a relationship in my life. I feel beyond fortunate. Things are great, and my mission is to help make things great for as many Solo Moms as I can!

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