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Outright Vermont


Outright offers extensive queer youth programming, education and outreach activities. Its focus is to be a center for LGBTQ center and statewide advocacy organization.

Affirmation LGBT Mormons Families & Friends

Affirmation supports LGBTQ/SSA Mormons and their families, friends, and church leader with the goal of helping them lead productive lives consistent with their faith or heritage. They offer a loving, inclusive community, encourage spirituality and empower LGBTQ/SSA Mormons to make valuable contributions within and outside the church. They organize gatherings, international conferences, offer information resources, and work toward dialogue with the church. There are specific programs for coming out, therapy, suicide prevention and awareness, homelessness, health, and many other areas.

Pride Center of Vermont


The Center offers special programming for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, families, and health and wellness/HIV resources. There is also a special transgender program.

Fairness West Virginia


Fairness engages in political action to end discrimination, advance transgender rights, increase visibility, and protect families.

Equality North Carolina


Coalition and grass-roots work, advocacy for domestic partnership and relationship recognition and other LGBTQ-related legal issues. Provides state and national LGBT-focused news, blogs, and tweets, and connects people to LGBTQ organizations. There is also a speaker's bureau and opportunities to volunteer.

Equality Toledo

Offers a resource guide, engages in community building, advocacy, education, anti-defamation work, and coalition-building on behalf of LGBTQ people in Toledo.

In Our Own Voices


Leadership training, advocacy, and social justice work on behalf of LGBTQ people of color and their communities. Services include support and social groups, trainings and workshops, and assistance with health, legal, and other issues.

The LGBT Network


An association of non-profit organizations working to serve Long Island's LGBT community throughout the lifespan. Promotes safe schools, safe spaces for all LGBTQ people, engages in public policy and advocacy, supports family building and health concerns.,

Seacoast Outright


Advocacy, support, and education forgay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and allied (GLBTQIA) youth ages 12-24. Offers safe space for meeting, socialization, and mutual support.


Resource for lesbian bars, clubs, and events.

Empire State Pride Agenda

212-627-4136 (NYC) and 518-472-3330 (Albany)

This is a civil rights and advocacy group that advocates for a Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, health care equality and funding, child-parent security, among other issues. The organization also educates about transgender issues, the health and well-being of LGBTQ people, issues related to creating families, and laws that protect LGBT New Yorkers

Stonewall Columbus


A community center offering programming and services to enhance the well-being and visibility of the diverse LGBTQ community. Programs focus on health, diversity, faith, or art. It offers counseling services, recovery and support groups, art, yoga, and dance classes,

OUTRight Youth of Catawba Valley


A safe environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth ages 12-20. The organization supports gay-straight alliances, holds monthly discussion groups, promotes bullying prevention and career- and role-models by inviting adult LGBT community models, and engages in community outreach. Resources area available on the website for youth, parents, community and teachers.

New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition


This website helps keep New Hampshire supporters of the right to marry with legislative updates, email alerts, action points, and historical information.

The Pride Center of New Jersey


Offers social and educational support, entertainment, groups and events.

Dakota Outright

Serves the LGBTQ community of central and western North Dakota, according to its mission statement, "by increasing visibility, providing resources and information, advocating for equality, and creating safe spaces for connection, support, and celebration."

LGBT Grant County


LGBTQ business listings, social calendar, information on gender identity, and a newsletter for the queer community.

New Mexico LGBTQ Resources: Gathering Everything That’s Gay in New Mexico

A clearinghouse for information on and discussion about the New Mexico LGBT community. Include a blog, a calendar, a community list, and news resources.

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