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Help to find LGBT support groups

ACLU LGBT Parenting

Information on LGBT parenting, including adoption and foster care

A source for breaking news on LGBTQ issues. The organization covers news from the USA, Africa, and Europe, and is especially focused on human rights.


Advocacy, support for the LGBTQ Community

UCLA LGBT Resource Center

Provides an extensive list of resources for LGBTQ people

MKE LGBT Community Center


The center offers programming around anti-violence, healthy relationships, counseling, financial coaching, and has a lending library with more than 2,000 LGBT titles. It offers meeting spaces for more than 100 groups during the year as well as computer/internet access and resource referrals. The program serves LGBTQ youth through their Project Q Youth program that offers health education, mentoring, dances,and support for those ages 13-24.

Pride Center San Antonio


This organization increases LGBTQ visibility, partners with other organizations to host events, and hosts social events.

TheDCCenter for the LGBT Community


This center covers Maryland and Virginia. It offers programs for women, bisexuals, African Americans and Latinos, seniors, polyamorous, men, transgender individuals, Asian Pacific Americans, deaf and hard of hearing, youth, and genderqueer. It has a lending library, meeting spaces, and a cyber center.



OutSpokane promote and empowers visible diversity for Spokane's LGBTQ and allied citizens. The organization engages in supportive education and the annual production of the city's pride parade. They also provide progressive culture opportunities and experiences for the greater Inland Northwest community.

Outright Vermont


Outright offers extensive queer youth programming, education and outreach activities. Its focus is to be a center for LGBTQ center and statewide advocacy organization.

Utah Pride: Your Community Center

801-539-8800 and toll free: 888-874-2743

The center offers health and wellness programs and support groups, and programs for youth and transgender individuals. It also engages in political advocacy and cultural competency training, and engages in coalition work with other LGBTQ groups.

Fair Wisconsin


Fair Wisconsin engages in lobbying, legislative advocacy, grassroots organizing, coalition building, and electoral involvement on behalf of LGBTQ people and their civil and human rights. Their primary concerns are ending discrimination and protecting families. One can sign up to hold or attend a house party, or engage in leadership conferences. The organization has special outreach activities and opportunities for students. Fair Wisconsin is collecting and publishing personal stories. They also have a Facebook page.

Affirmation LGBT Mormons Families & Friends

Affirmation supports LGBTQ/SSA Mormons and their families, friends, and church leader with the goal of helping them lead productive lives consistent with their faith or heritage. They offer a loving, inclusive community, encourage spirituality and empower LGBTQ/SSA Mormons to make valuable contributions within and outside the church. They organize gatherings, international conferences, offer information resources, and work toward dialogue with the church. There are specific programs for coming out, therapy, suicide prevention and awareness, homelessness, health, and many other areas.

Pride Center of Vermont


The Center offers special programming for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, families, and health and wellness/HIV resources. There is also a special transgender program.

Outreach: South Central Wisconsin’s LGBT Community Center


The center provides resource identification and referral, publications, a cybercenter, a lending library, a speaker's bureau, social and support groups, events, health programs, and fiscal sponsorship to six smaller nonprofit projects.

Fairness West Virginia


Fairness engages in political action to end discrimination, advance transgender rights, increase visibility, and protect families.

Gay Community Center of Richmond


GCCR offers classes and discussion groups, services and advocacy for gay elders (SAGE), a diversity art gallery, and a grant program. It participate in the Central Virginia Rainbow Partnership.

Resource Center Dallas


Promotes health and wellness for all people affected by HIV (particularly LGBTQ people) by improving health and wellness, strengthening families and communities, and providing transformative education and advocacy. The center offers HIV services, skills training for youth, and legislative work.

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