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Florida Health: Sexual Abuse or Violence Prevention


Listing of resources regarding sexual assault and rape crisis centers

Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA)


Provides support to sexual assault victims and education to help end sexual assault

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Empowers survivors and the programs that serve them, we educate the public, and we advocate for responsive public policy

Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Directory of domestic violence agencies in Hawaii

The Sex Abuse Treatment Center (SATC)

24/7 on-call Intervention: immediate attention, medical legal examinations, therapy, and education

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence


Works to be a leader in the movement to end violence against women and girls, men and boys

Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance

(208) 332-1540

Provides national state and local hotlines. Supports Idaho's domestic violence and victim assistance programs

Illinois DHS: Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA)

List of ICASA centers in Illinois

Illinois Coaltition Against Sexual Assault

(217) 753-4117

Each center provides 24-hour crisis intervention services, counseling and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and their significant others

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Provide technical assistance, resources, information and training to those who serve victims of domestic violence; and promote social and systems change through public policy, public awareness and education.

Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline


24/7 support for victims of sexual assault

Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV)


Provides a list domestic violence programs in Iowa as well as domestic violence information

Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence


Provides expert advice legal assistance and list sexual assault services around the state

Attorney General’s Office: Domestic Violence

(785) 296-2215

Contains information and resource for victims of domestic violence in Kansas

Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP)

(502) 226-2704

Get help finding a local rape crisis center and other resources

Alabama Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Helps find assistance and provides information and resources for victims of sexual assault

2-1-1 Connects Alabama: Sexual Assault Counseling


List of programs that provide crisis, short-term, and/or ongoing in-person counseling for people who are coping with the emotional trauma of sexual assault

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Phone numbers and crisis lines for sexual assault and domestic violence services in Alaska

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