Forget coparenting; aim for parallel parenting

My Ex Is a Narcissist

It’s more than doable!

Living Well on Very Little Money

Ways to make sure that your child doesn’t follow in your ex’s narcissist footsteps

Will My Kid Be a Narcissist, Too?

It’s not about you

What I Now Know Two Years After Divorcing a Narcissist

Help a Solo Mom in Sister Chat


Writer-director Nora Ephron at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie “Julie & Julia”—

Nora Ephron wasn’t afraid to turn life into art. After her discovery that her then-husband, journalist Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame, was having an affair with their friend, married British politician Margaret Jay, Ephron divorced Bernstein and then wrote about it. Her book Heartburn (Vintage Books, 1983), a slim volume of fiction that was subsequently turned into the 1986 Mike Nichols film starring Jack Nichol...

Solo Mom In The Spotlight

Nora Ephron: (Almost) Everything Is Copy

Young boy with anxious expression trying to choose—

The problems that come from too many choices


Decision Overload Is Bad for Kids!

Single mom exploring physchological benefits of writing on grass outside—

The Psychological Benefits of Writing

A single mom carrying her newborn baby during holiday travel flight—

Solo Mom of Newborn, Will Travel

Open dictionary lying on the table symbolizing online dating idioms—


Child struggling in school holding books and alone with a group of kids in the background—

Problems at School?

August Wilson, playwright of the Huntington Theatre Company's production of “Fences.”​ Part of the 2009-2010 season—
Sons & Daughters

August Wilson: The Four B’s

Close-up image of a little boy playing with plastic tools on a work bench exhibiting a boy-related gender role—

Acting Like a Boy

A diamond and silver wedding/engagement ring set—

Diamonds Are Forever . . . Until You Get Divorced

Pretty blonde woman in a witch costume posing with pumpkins—

Halloween: Aka Welcome to Hell