Rachel Grady: Solo Mom by Choice

Rachel Grady: Solo Mom by Choice

Academy Award–nominated filmmaker Rachel Grady (pictured, above right) doesn’t shy away from touchy subject matter. She and filmmaking partner Heidi Ewing own and operate Loki Films, a New York production company celebrated for its observational style and attention to sensitive topics. Their films range from the controversial Jesus Camp, about a charismatic Christian summer camp, to Detropia, a documentary exploring the current state of life in America’s troubled Motor City.

On the personal front, Grady made the decision several years ago to choose life as a Solo Mom. In a 2015 Cosmopolitan article, Grady’s friend, editor and author Kate Bolick, remembers her awe when she learned, in 2010, that Grady was pregnant from anonymous donor sperm. Over dinner, the friends talked about Grady’s journey to become a Solo Mom by choice, and Grady shared a revelation she gained while making her decision: “I’ve never cared about marriage, so why am I conflating motherhood and matrimony? I have a good career, an amazing mother, great friends. I feel satisfied. I can do this myself.” Grady went ahead and purchased a $200 vial of sperm, then scheduled an intrauterine insemination. Now she is mom to a young son whom she adores. She is no stranger to the practical considerations and sacrifices that are part of parenthood, and yet, as she says, “None of it felt like an issue. I just figured it out.”

Image via Miro Vrlik Photography/Shutterstock.com

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