Minnie Driver: Nothing to Fear

Minnie Driver: Nothing to Fear

The overbearing, hippie single mom she plays on the television show About a Boy is a far cry from actress Minnie Driver’s real-life approach to single motherhood; but she says when it comes right down to it, all Solo Moms face similar struggles. “It is really challenging to be by yourself,” she said on HuffPost Live. Driver’s own parents separated when she was six; she told The Guardian that she still calls up her beloved childhood nanny to ask questions about her own son, Henry. But she also trusts her instincts. “There isn’t anything to be afraid of—we’ve been doing this for millions of years,” she told Fit Pregnancy. “When you don’t have a choice, when you just need to do it, there’s no humming or hawing about it. I still need to work, and I still need to be an involved, great parent. Those are the coordinates I’m setting, and that’s what we’re doing.”

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