January Jones: The Anti–Betty Draper

January Jones: The Anti–Betty Draper

She’s made a name for herself playing miserable stay-at-home wife and mother Betty Draper on the hit show Mad Men, but actress January Jones couldn’t be more different from her alter ego. A single mother by choice, Jones credits going back to work when her son, Xander, was six weeks old with helping her adjust to parenthood: “I didn’t lose myself into ‘baby-world,’” she told The Daily Mail. Of course, being able to bring him on set helped. “They made it baby-friendly for me,” she explained to Us Weekly. Famously private, Jones has never publicly identified her son’s father, telling the New York Times, “Women should have lots of secrets. Otherwise, what would we write in our memoirs?” Speaking of her life as a Solo Mom, Jones sounds remarkably centered, telling Britain’s Glamour magazine, “It’s really a joy in my life, and that’s it.”

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