Am I Ready to Start Dating Again?

Am I Ready to Start Dating Again?

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How to decide if you’re ready to date after a divorce

Before embarking on your next relationship, ask yourself some of the following questions and see if you’re really ready to begin dating. Once you look at your answers and examine your motivation, you’ll have a better handle on your readiness.

  • Do you feel like your past relationship has had some resolution?
  • Are you depressed? Are you crying every day?
  • Have you given yourself time to grieve? Even if the divorce was your choice, it’s still a major transition, and loss and will require time to process.
  • What is your motive for getting into a new relationship? Are you looking for a cure for loneliness or for revenge?
  • Are there still loose ends concerning your separation or divorce, such as custody, child support, etc., that need your undivided attention?
  • Have you sought mental health support to deal with residual issues from your previous relationship, especially if you faced issues such as domestic abuse, substance abuse, etc.?
  • Do you feel like you are able to take good care of yourself and your children?
  • Do you feel like you have some clarity around why your previous relationship didn’t succeed?
  • Do you have time to bring someone new into your life?
  • Have you taken stock of what you really want in your life? Maybe it’s not a new partner—maybe you want some time for yourself.

Annette Powers is a Solo Mom who lives in Brooklyn, New York. A communications professional, she writes about divorce, coparenting, and culture in her spare time.

Ashley Volz-Reiss spent several years as a Solo Mom. She has gone on to earn her master’s degree in social work and is now a therapist helping children and families. She’s remarried and keeps busy raising her spirited six-year-old son.

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