Respect: Julie Schwietert Collazo Helps Reunite Immigrant Families

Julie Schwietert Collazo is busy. This former social worker, current writer/journalist, and mother of three kids (aged four, five, and nine) has tu...


Susan Munsey Creates a Safe Space for Victims of Sex Trafficking

Susan Munsey calls it “love bombing”: the persistent attentions and small presents pimps and sex traffickers give girls to convince them they care—...


Applause for Ruth Buffalo, the First Native American Woman in the North Dakota Statehouse

North Dakota’s 27th District has traditionally been a Republican stronghold. But on December 3, 2018, Democrat Ruth Buffalo was sworn in as a state...


Maria Rose Belding: Feeding the Hungry

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. And sometimes badassery reveals itself early. Maria Rose Belding was 14 years old and helping out i...

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