What’s a Solo Mom?

What’s a Solo Mom?

Single motherhood redefined

Stated most simply, Solo Moms are women who spend time parenting on their own.

Solo Moms are single moms, moms with joint custody, grandmothers who parent their grandchildren, and moms whose partners are deployed, disabled, or incarcerated. Solo Moms are moms whose partners are on the road a lot or living abroad, leaving them to do most of the parenting.

Some Solo Moms are raising children on their own by choice, whether through adoption, foster care, or artificial reproductive technology. Others become Solo Moms due to circumstance: a partner’s death, a surprise pregnancy, or a partnership that ended.

Solo Moms are straight, lesbian, old, young, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, rich, poor, employed, and unemployed. They represent every cultural background, level of education, passion, skill, and allegiance.

Where a Solo Mom lives, the color of her skin, and what’s in her bank account does not define what’s in her heart or what she shares with other Solo Moms. In ESME’s unconventional community, you will meet Solo Moms who seem just like you, as well as Solo Moms who will be here if your parenting journey takes you somewhere new and unfamiliar.

Whether you are pregnant with your first child, adopting, fostering, or an empty-nester with grown children, we are thrilled to have you join our community.

Join our community of Sisters

At ESME, the motto Independent Together expresses our conviction that Solo Moms have much to gain by connecting with other Solo Moms. Our Sisters feature offers a unique opportunity to connect with Solo Moms who share your circumstances and interests. Becoming a Sister will bring you into a supportive and confidential community where you can find, be matched with, and seek the advice of Solo Moms who understand both the challenges and joys of solo parenting. As our video points out, we know that being a Solo Mom is hard. You will find support here at ESME. We look forward to celebrating the strong mothers we are and will be.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

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