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An ESME Sister submission: The joys of motherhood

Motherhood… a profession that provides no immediate monetary rewards, no pension plan, no 401K plan options, no health benefits in fact it has the potential to cause health issues when the child reaches adolescence and challenges authority however right now the 6 year old challenges boundaries. Embarking on a premature experience of being a ‘tween’ at 6 years old has the potential to cause less discomfort than an ulcer maybe laryngitis. Your name change becomes an endearing “mama” which you loved to hear at the age range of 1-3 and now their needs have expanded and your name is repeated more often igniting the urge not to answer at times. Nothing prepares you for this role, this unpaid position resembling an internship just the everyday rhythms of discovery, invention which makes you a very talented individual. You have now become an archeologist (looking for misplaced toys), sociologist (understanding other kids on the playground), medical doctor (having band aids makes you hero and a healer) and most of all teacher. Motherhood does provide one immediate reward however, abundant and unconditional love. Priceless.

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