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Empowering Moms, Embracing Diversity, Promoting Equality

ESME (Empowering Strong Moms Everywhere) is a social platform dedicated to empowering a broad demographic of women who, despite differences in age, race, culture, and route to motherhood, are bound together in a conscious coalition that is strong, proud, and dedicated to their children. At ESME, we understand that a fraying safety net, soaring health-care costs, lack of affordable day care, and little support in the work/family balancing act compromises a mother’s ability to stay strong and do the best by her children. Too many moms feel anxious, frustrated, and powerless. It’s time to take a stronger stance together. ESME offers strength through information, resources, and, most importantly, connection. Whether it’s an event focusing on self-defense, an article about how to advocate for your child, or a rally for equal pay, we are dedicated to empowering moms at home, in the workplace, in their communities, and across the nation.

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