Warrior Mother

Warrior Mother

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An ESME Poetry Award Submission

Warrior Mother

Artemis. Tribal mother. She-bear with cubs.

Don't sniff around my heels, dog.

Ain't your bitch no more.

Raging fires.

How long before pressurized toxins explode?

In times of war, children walk, holding hands,

detonating minefields so soldiers won't die.

My cubs.

My cubs are not expendable.

I could stand still, shell-shocked,

run blind, blown away,

or place very careful paws and

lead my cubs through.

I am an award winning freelance writer, performance poet, spiritual teacher and healer. My book, “On My Way to the Apocalypse”, was published in 2012. I offer spiritual and holistic counseling as well as tarot and astrology readings, along with energy work. I have a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy with a specialization in medical family therapy, which informs my counseling work. I’m a Usui Reiki master (since 1995) and work in a variety of other energy modalities. I'm a native New Yorker (the city), with roots in South Florida. My three kids live in South Florida along with my grandbaby. I currently live in a small rural village in southcentral Alaska.

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