A poignant nod to struggle and resilience


A woman must learn to celebrate herself

not just for achievements-

but for overcoming moments of despair

climbing incorrigible mountains

breathing deeply as she crosses bridges

and glides over treacherous waters

She must celebrate unforgivable mistakes,

appreciate the marriage of pleasure and pain

come to know loss

as opportunity to gain

and as she comes to meet the moon full circle

enchanted by a wishing well of uncertainty

she’ll instead choose to float

effortlessly upon the cerulean sea

of her own wisdom

She will bury worry in her backyard

and chase life with such vigorous intent-

one might think it to be her calling.

Reprinted with permission from the author. Butterfly Spirit: Poems of transparency, transformation & truth

Former Solo Mom VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia, ESME’s Resource Guide for Domestic Violence, is a painter, published poet, speaker, and facilitator. Through her business, Soul Revival Healing Arts, she offers original paintings and products, and teaches workshops. Her first poetry collection, Butterfly Spirit, was published in 2015. VersAnnette is passionate about empowering women, eating great food, and traveling the world. She and her family currently reside near Chicago.

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