Mother and Child

Mother and Child

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A Poetry Showcase Award submission

Mother and Child

Suffering intruded into

the cold transparency

of my lone soul.

The little lips of my child

moved like talking

and spread blistered words,

those words not being able

to save anything around.

My round, red kiss

has dissolved into

the blue of his tears

to make them disappear.

The silence couldn’t absorb

any new inner scream—

a missing father.

Our trees were too moistened,

too crooked, and too transparent

for the rain. In the fall,

the sun was not visible at all,

nor did it long for

some birds in that flurry

screaming, sobbing, and smashing

everyone over the head.

Violence against

feelings is not a struggle

for freedom. Broken knees

managed to break free

and to flee to what they ought to

have been all. She wanted his suffering

to cease, but his little soul

had a strong will

to enclose hermetically.

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