How to make pie

How to make pie

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3rd Place - 2016 ESME Showcase Writing Poetry Awards

How to make pie

Pie was always your favorite.

Apple pie with a crust over the top.

So why did I never learn how?

Six – maybe seven years -- after you’ve gone

I ask myself, why not?

Of course I made forays into the world of pie

Even bought a rolling pin

White. Marble. Elegant.

I was an amateur

who loved chocolate

only now

am I patient enough

confident to try

to coax miracles

And so I open up peaches

free them from their blemished skin

celebrating ripeness


and array the slices

of deep orange flesh

in patterns no one will see

and cover it with crust

to bake

in memory

Deborah Leipziger is an author, poet, and professor. Her chapbook, Flower Map, was published by Finishing Line Press (2013). In 2014, her poem “Written on Skin” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is the co-founder of SOUL-LIT, AN ON-LINE POETRY MAGAZINE. Her poems have been featured in Salamander, Ibbetson Street, and the Muddy River Poetry Review, among other publications. Born in Brazil, Ms. Leipziger is the author of several books on human rights and sustainability. She lives in Massachusetts with her three daughters: her muses.

To read her poetry, go to FLOWERMAP.NET. To learn more about Deborah’s work in sustainability go to: DEBORAHLEIPZIGER.COM.

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