Can’t Imagine

Can’t Imagine

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An ESME Poetry Award submission

“Cant Imagine” is based off people actually telling me they can’t imagine being a Solo Mom, as if it were like having a terminal diagnosis; it’s so interesting people just assuming it sucks when that’s not necessarily the case.

Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a single mom


I have imagined it a million times

and I am horrifyingly intrigued that my worst nightmare

Exists in you


and in living color

Even more exciting than

the women I love to watch Saturday afternoons on Lifetime

While eating organic gluten free tortilla chips

and freshly made

Not processed


Sitting in the middle of the media room

Amidst piles of unfolded laundry

How amazing it must be to live in despair and despondency

Please accept my offering bound tightly in silk

spun from my assumed superiority

Lean in

Expose the innards of your soul

And entertain me


I should tell you my tales of woe because of course

I must have a multitude of them

I can’t imagine having the boldness to be so rude

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