Work and Finances

SafeHer to Provide a Ride-Sharing Service for Women

A “by women, for women” approach to transportation

Work and Finances

Take Your Baby to Work

How Solo Moms can implement an infant-at-work policy

Work and Finances

How to Handle Those Pesky Résumé Gaps

Get that dream job, Solo Mom!

Work and Finances

FAQs About the Family and Medical Leave Act

Provide necessary care for yourself or your family for up to 12 weeks for qualifying events

Work and Finances

How to Save Money When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Getting started is the hardest part


Work and Finances

Getting to the Heart of Money Matters

Is your inner child wreaking financial havoc?

Work and Finances

Stop the Snowball of Debt

Steps to regaining control over your finances

Work and Finances

Credit Crisis to Credit Coach

Jeanne Kelly doesn’t want you to be in her shoes after divorce

Work and Finances

How to Not Get Taken for a Ride on Car Repairs

Know the basics and don’t be afraid of doing small repairs on your own ...

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