Special Needs

Programs Not Accepting Your Child?

Strategies for getting them in that are well worth a try

Special Needs

Top 10 FAQs About Getting an IEP for Your Child

Be prepared and confident for your child's IEP meeting

Special Needs

Respectfully Disagreeing with Your Child’s IEP?

What steps to take so that your child gets the services they need

Special Needs

Looking for Another Solo Mom Who Understands Your Situation?

Connecting with other Solo Moms of children with special needs

Special Needs

Raising a Son with Significant Physical and Cognitive Needs

Single mom Lori Sandler chooses to focus on the positive


Special Needs

Preparing Students with Disabilities for College

A practical guide to helping your child with disabilities thrive in coll...

Special Needs

Books for Tween Boys Featuring Characters with Learning Differences

Whether reading or listening to these books, they have great stories to ...

Special Needs

Filing a Civil-Rights Complaint

Sometimes schools need a push in the right direction

Special Needs

Solo Mom Dating: When and How to Discuss Your Kids with Special Needs

ESME’s Anna Stewart shares some tips based on experience

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