Domestic Violence

Make Sure You Get the Right Therapist

Five qualities of a good domestic-violence or sexual-assault therapist

Domestic Violence

Interview with Susan Lemere: Solo Moms and Recovering from Abuse

Recovering from abuse, a discussion with Susan Lemere, ESME’s Guide for Addiction

Domestic Violence

Do I Have PTSD?

Knowing the symptoms of PTSD helps abuse survivors get the right support

Domestic Violence

Legal Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

Get help to press charges, obtain a restraining order, and leave

Domestic Violence

Myths About Domestic Violence

These false assumptions deny the power of the abuser


Domestic Violence

What Just Happened?

Where to turn when your partner suddenly becomes violent

Domestic Violence

Survivor Profile: Diane Betts Finds Hope After Abuse

After leaving her abusive husband, a Solo Mom realizes that anything is...

Domestic Violence

TED Talk: Why domestic violence victims don’t leave

Leslie Morgan Steiner explains misconceptions about intimate partner vio...

Domestic Violence

Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Practical and emotional steps for escaping abuse

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