Build a Pregnancy Wardrobe For Less

Build a Pregnancy Wardrobe For Less

Find the perfect maternity clothes on a budget

It doesn’t take long to figure out that marking an item of clothing “maternity” automatically doubles its price. Maternity apparel costs money that is better saved for the baby on the way. So, it’s time to get creative and figure out how to put together a killer pregnancy wardrobe on the cheap. Here are our favorite cost-effective ways to expand your wardrobe while expanding:

  1. Purchase regular clothing larger than your prepregnancy size. Don’t worry: you can still show off that adorable belly in nonmaternity clothes. And if you find the larger tops and dresses are a bit too bulky and shapeless, add instant contours with an elastic belt or scarf tied under your bustline.
  2. A tummy sleeve or belly band is a life-saver that can keep you in your nonmaternity clothes well into your second trimester. Sort of like tube tops for your growing midsection, they’re elastic pieces of fabric that are used to cover your waist so you can wear your prepregnancy jeans unfastened. When your prepregnancy shirts start to expose skin at the bottom of your belly, the tummy sleeve will keep it covered. They come in different colors and are about half the cost of a pair of maternity jeans.
  3. Keep using those button-up tops, jackets, and sweaters from your prepregnancy wardrobe. A long shirt underneath with just a couple of buttons fastened up top creates a cute style to accentuate your growing belly.
  4. Adjustable lounge wear, such as sweatpants or shorts with a drawstring, will accommodate you throughout pregnancy and postpartum—whether they’re maternity or not. Elastic waistbands work for a while, but once they stretch out (and they will!), there’s no turning back.
  5. Check for stores in your area that buy/sell/trade maternity clothes. Most have name-brand clothing in good condition at discount prices. Bonus: once you’re done with them, you can sell them back.
  6. Google “pregnancy center near [your city/zip code],” and you should find a fabulous resource. Most centers have programs you can participate in to earn free maternity clothes.

When all else fails, give yourself permission to splurge on a few choice maternity pieces. One pair of good maternity jeans or a pretty top can make a world of difference and make you feel comfortable and fabulous again. It can be overwhelming to witness your body going through so many changes, so be sure and treat yourself occasionally.

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Kristy Summers is a Solo Mom to five amazing children and an advocate for single mothers, encouraging them in all their experiences, from financial struggles to overcoming negative stereotypes. An avid writer, she’s working on a book aimed at helping broken women become whole again.

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