Superhero Rebekah Carter: Celebrating Safety and Freedom

Superhero Rebekah Carter: Celebrating Safety and Freedom

Image credit: Provided by Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter has three children ages four, six, and seven. Two of them have autism, and she is challenged with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A survivor of domestic violence, Rebekah started a support group for domestic-violence victims and other survivors, many of whom are single moms.

Although widowed right before her divorce trial, she knows the pain of domestic violence. She explains, “He threatened to kill us all with a gun in front of law enforcement and for two years refused treatment, so I have been the type of Solo Mom whose ex was not involved in our lives or even paying child support (he paid $20 one time), but was violating protection orders and sabotaging my ability to find and keep a job.”

Today Rebekah is helping her children process their father’s death but also living a life of safety and freedom. She maintains a wonderfully positive attitude despite it all.

Says Rebekah: “It is so easy to look across social media and see all the fun things others do with their kids that I’ll likely never afford . . . so don’t do that. Instead, cherish and celebrate every small thing you can do. We’re safe and alive and enjoying life at our own pace, however that looks for us. I might not get to take them to Legoland for a few years, but I finally got them all into summer YMCA soccer and that was a miracle and blessing. Stuff is just stuff. Things can always be replaced, but life is precious and has no price tag.”

Well said! Congrats and bravo, Rebekah!

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