Superhero Rebecca Sprouse: Self-Care Is Essential

Superhero Rebecca Sprouse: Self-Care Is Essential

Image credit: Provided by Rebecca Sprouse

Rebecca Sprouse is a Solo Mom of two. She adopted her 10-year-old from her ex’s previous relationship and has a four-year-old with autism.

After an assault by her ex, Rebecca won custody of both children. She works and attends college full time. She confesses, “I honestly have a very weak support system because most of my friends and family are all drug addicts.” Rebecca credits her mother as being a great help. “She quit her job to work at an agency that provides supportive services for my son, and she will soon be working for me in my home. She was a single mother as well; I find my strength in her and in God.”

Rebecca’s wise Solo Mom tip is to always practice self-care so you don’t get burnt out.

Cheers, Rebecca!

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