Superhero Misty Bear: Always Doing Her Best

Superhero Misty Bear: Always Doing Her Best

Image credit: Provided by Misty Bear

Misty Bear is a Solo Mom of two boys and two girls ranging in age from seven to 14. If that’s not enough to make you feel exhausted, she also works a full-time job.

This superhero was nominated by her daughter Salena, who explains, “She busts her butt working a full-time job and making sure everything is taken care of, and takes us places when she can with no help from anyone. She has only one year of college left but, unfortunately, can’t finish right now due to not having the money, and she is trying to pay off our house to get us a nicer house cause we live in a really old house.”

Salena shares that her mom is an awesome role model because she is teaching all four children to never give up no matter what life brings. “She works hard and tries her best to be the best she can for us!”

Thank you, Salena, for introducing us to your amazing mom, and congrats, Misty, for all that you do!

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