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Solo Moms!

Solo Mom Superheroes

Solo Mom Spotlight: Gloria Carter, aka Jay-Z’s Mom

“I was happy, but I was not free.”

Solo Mom Superheroes

Superhero Stephanie Rodriguez: Inspired by Her Daughter

Stephanie Rodriguez has raised her three-year-old daughter, Melody, on her own. She shares, “If it weren’t for Melody, I don’t know who I’d be toda...

Solo Mom Superheroes

Superhero Martina Keller Howard: Keep a Sense of Humor

Martina Keller Howard raised three children as a Solo Mom and is now a solo grandmother raising two of her eight grandchildren. Martina cleans home...

Solo Mom Superheroes

Superhero Sasha Jo: It’s OK to Ask for Help

Sasha Jo is a 28-year-old Solo Mom to four children. She tells us, “My beautiful kids are a girl and three boys, ages eight, seven, five, and two m...

Solo Mom Superheroes

Superhero Rebekah Carter: Celebrating Safety and Freedom

Rebekah Carter has three children ages four, six, and seven. Two of them have autism, and she is challenged with attention deficit hyperactivity di...

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