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Solo Moms!

Solo Moms in the Spotlight

Kristin Davis: Balance and Books

We know her as Charlotte York Goldenblatt from HBO’s Sex and the City. But Kristin Davis, Solo Mom to daughter Gemma, while proud of her work on th...

Solo Moms in the Spotlight

Aretha Franklin: Young Mother, Musical Prodigy

Aretha Franklin was regarded as something of a musical prodigy from an early age. By 14, she had recorded her own gospel album and joined her preac...

Solo Moms in the Spotlight

Patricia Arquette: Staying Strong

In Richard Linklater’s film Boyhood, released in 2014 but filmed over the course of 12 years, actress Patricia Arquette famously played Olivia, a S...

Solo Moms in the Spotlight

Emil Ferris: Seeing Light in the Darkness

It started with a bite. A mosquito bite at Emil Ferris’s gypsy-themed 40th birthday party. Earlier that day, Ferris’s six-year-old daughter had had...

Solo Moms in the Spotlight

Jane Campion: Aprons into Capes

A Solo Mom since her divorce from Colin David Englert in 2001, New Zealand director-screenwriter Jane Campion is blunt about the challenges of bala...

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