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Solo Moms!

Sons & Daughters

James Baldwin: “I See Where I Came from Very Clearly”

Writer James Baldwin never learned the name of his biological father. His mother, Emma Berdis Jones, was already a Solo Mom when she gave birth to ...

Solo Mom Superheroes

Solo Mom Spotlight: Gloria Carter, aka Jay-Z’s Mom

“I was happy, but I was not free.”

Sons & Daughters

Winston Duke: Exciting Future

Reviewers are loving on the Black Panther character M’Baku. As interpreted by actor Winston Duke in the 2018 Marvel superhero film, M’Baku is the ...

Solo Moms In The Spotlight

Mindy Kaling: “We Just Make It Work”

In the NBC comedy Champions, which premiered in March 2018, actress/comedian/writer Mindy Kaling plays Solo Mom Priya Patel. While her character p...

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