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Sons & Daughters

Patsy Cline: Nobody’s Fool

Before country-music singer Patsy Cline was, well, Patsy Cline—that is, before she helped to define the Nashville, Tennessee, sound during the late...

Sons & Daughters

Tom Cruise: Resilient

“My mother is a very warm, charismatic woman,” actor Tom Cruise once told interviewer James Lipton. “Very kind, very generous.” Mary Lee South, Cru...

Sons & Daughters

Kelly Clarkson: “She’s So Honest and Blunt with Me”

Fame came to singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson in 2002, when she won the first season of the TV series American Idol. That triumph earned her a ...

Everyday All-Stars

Solo Mom Marina Aris: From Foster Kid to Foster Care Advocate and Author

“What came before didn’t have to dictate the future.”

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