One Heart for Women and Children: ESME’s Featured Nonprofit

Helping women and children through hardship in Central Florida

One Heart for Women and Children aims to support women and children in Central Florida as they face hardship and adversity. Founder Stephanie Bowman’s mission to help women and children overcome a variety of hardships also extends to special projects in Haiti, Costa Rica, and Africa. By partnering with other resources in Central Florida, One Heart for Women and Children is able to provide support in the form of clothes, school supplies, and personal-hygiene items, as well as education and prevention services. These services include life skills, parenting classes, youth education, and drug- and alcohol-prevention outreach. Local businesses also help by providing the tools necessary for a range of additional projects in construction, home renovation, and sustainable garden building. One Heart for Women and Children is dedicated to—and successful at—connecting caring community members to those in need.

Bowman, the tour de force behind One Heart for Women and Children, is the 2014 recipient of a $10,000 grant from Godiva for her inspiring work helping those in need. Watch the video above to learn more about this amazing organization and Bowman’s inspirational journey from a mom battling domestic violence and addiction to a passionate advocate for women and children in need.

Bravo, Stephanie Bowman, for sharing your heart and encouraging all of us to become a piece in the puzzle of a better world!

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