I wish I could claim a master’s degree in sexuality studies, an MFA in couples therapy, a PhD in sociology, and an MD in dermatology and geriatrics (just because). I can’t. I am an expert in dating, purely because I have done a lot of it, in every configuration, using every possible resource, all the while solo parenting two wonderful children. I am a professional writer. And I am still single—by choice. Born and raised in LA, I received a degree in music from UCLA and spent many years in the music business before marrying a musician and moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a seven-year stint as a rock-and-roll housewife. During my tenure, I taught myself to write—a lifelong dream. On year seven—and thanks to three years of assisted reproductive technology—I had my baby girl, and my rock star left. One year later, upon my first foray into sex as a Solo Mom and in spite of infertility, birth control, and a perimenopausal period, I got knocked up. Ten years after that, baby daddy number two left . . . with the woman he’d been boffing on the side. I cried for three more years and then decided to get back on the horse—and so began my journey into Solo-Mom dating. I went full force and in every direction—and, boy oh boy, do I have stories to tell. The miraculous irony being that in losing everything I thought mattered, and from my deepest despair, came my true joy and purpose in life: writing about love, finding love, and the ridiculousness of it all. Even more rewarding is helping others to laugh and do the same. This is going to be so much fun!

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