Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of being a mother. I told anyone who asked that I wanted to have 11 children when I grew up. But the day came when I was turning 40 with no partner in sight. I grappled with the question of becoming a single mom by choice, struggled through infertility, and came out the other side with a beautiful baby boy conceived using an egg and a sperm donor. After coaching leaders and attorneys for several years on career satisfaction and life purpose, I am now helping single women realize the dream of motherhood. As a certified life coach, I now serve as a fertility doula and family-building coach. Through individual coaching, support groups, mind/body practices, and my writing, I provide emotional and logistical assistance to those coping with the turmoil of building a family. I’m especially committed to supporting women do whatever it takes to become a mother, whether that means deciding to become a Solo Mom by choice through adoption or through assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF, egg donation, or surrogacy. I’m currently writing a memoir about my journey that includes spiritual life lessons and practical advice. In addition to writing for ESME, I also regularly write for YourTango.com, ChoiceMoms.org, and my own blog. I’m also a licensed attorney. I went to law school to pursue my passion for bioethics and reproductive rights long before I knew anything about how I would end up conceiving my child. Now that our notions of family and ways of becoming a family are undergoing a radical transformation, I am excited to help shape policies surrounding Solo Moms by choice, donor family limits, known donors, and gestational carriers. I’m also eager to dust off my law degree to help draft known-donor, coparenting, and surrogacy agreements. You can find more about me at www.motherhoodreimagined.com.

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