Thinking of Going Back to College?

Thinking of Going Back to College?

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Check out our ESME college toolkit just for Solo Moms

Applying for college can be stressful and overwhelming. Adding that stress to your already busy schedule can make going back to school as a Solo Mom feel unattainable. But don’t despair. It is possible to return to school as a Solo Mom, and studies have shown that it may actually be good for your kids. We also know how convenient it would be if you could find just about everything you need in one place. Well, you can! Compiled below are helpful tips on everything from finding a school that is a great fit to writing that essay and finding money to help pay for it all. Let’s get started!

A word about school choice

Going back to school as a Solo Mom is intimidating. Tuition costs, day-care costs, and being the breadwinner are among the many reasons that Solo Moms often put off their higher-education pursuits; however, many colleges offer creative scheduling, and some even offer day care, so do your research to determine which ones will be the best fit for your unique Solo Mom needs.

Where to start

Start by reading “100 Tips for Getting into the College of Your Choice.” As we said earlier, the college process can be overwhelming, even under the best of circumstances. Add the fact that you are solo parenting, and the stress levels soar. Even the most organized and calm mama will feel the pressure of looming deadlines and anxiety about ending up at the right school. Take a deep breath: there will be stress, snafus, and even some sleepless nights, but you will get through this and end up at a wonderful school that’s right for you.

Essay time!

We’ve all heard about the dreaded college essay, yet how much emphasis college admissions offices place on the essay will vary from school to school. But no matter which schools you apply to, knowing how to write an engaging and memorable college essay will go far toward helping you secure the college of your choice.


How will you pay for all this? Maybe even more important than the college essay are tuition and expenses, which can be a barrier for many students. Hopefully, with your financial-aid packages, you have whittled down the amount of money you need, but there is always some that remains. That is where the ESME college scholarship comes in! Apply, and if you are selected, you will win $1,500.


Earning a degree as a Solo Mom isn’t easy, but it can be done. Read Stephanie Land’s story, and take a look at this video for added inspiration:

So there you have it—your ESME College Toolkit! Now go out there and start chasing your dreams!

Have you been in school as a Solo Mom? What tips would you offer another mom returning to school?

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