ESME College Toolkit for Sons and Daughters of Solo Moms

ESME College Toolkit for Sons and Daughters of Solo Moms

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We’ve got you covered with tips, information, and even a scholarship

Applying for college can be stressful and overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find just about everything you need in one place? Well, you can! Compiled in this article are helpful tips and resources on everything from finding a school that is a great fit to how to write that essay and find money to help pay for it all. Let’s get started!

Where to start

As mentioned above, the process of applying for college can be overwhelming, even under the best of circumstances. And given the process often starts as early as sophomore year, you have the ingredients for stress. But don’t despair! Start with our “100 Tips for Getting into the College of Your Choice.” Even the most organized and calm student will feel the pressure of looming deadlines and anxiety about ending up at the right school. Take a deep breath: there will be stress, snafus, and even some sleepless nights, but you will get through this and end up at a wonderful school that’s right for you.

Essay time

We’ve all heard about the dreaded college essay, yet how much emphasis college admissions offices place on students’ essays will vary from school to school. But no matter which schools you apply to, knowing how to write an engaging and memorable college essay will go far toward helping you secure the college of your choice.

Public versus private colleges

Don’t be deterred from applying to private schools. In the debate about whether educational institutions are worth their price, state schools are often heralded as the magic bullet—the affordable gateway to success. But that reasoning is problematic with regard to students in lower income brackets. It is very difficult for underfunded state schools with smaller endowments to compete with selective schools’ financial-aid packages. If you meet the requirements and show financial need, private schools have the funds to offer more generous financial-aid packages.


How will you pay for all this? You’ve taken the necessary steps, followed our tips, and now you are on your way to college. Hopefully, with your financial-aid packages, you have whittled down the amount of money you need, but there is always some that remains.

So there you have it: your ESME College Toolkit! Who says you need a fancy college consultant? We are here for you! Now go out there and start chasing your dreams!

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