TED Talk: Why Grieving Mothers Should Talk About Loss

TED Talk: Why Grieving Mothers Should Talk About Loss

Image credit: Screen Shot “Beyond Closure: Nancy Berns ” at TEDxDesMoines

Video of Nancy Berns talking about closure and helping one another heal

In this inspiring talk about loving and losing, Nancy Berns reminds us that we don't need closure to heal. She challenges us, as a community of women and mothers, to listen to one another and resist the impulse to hide our grief from one another. This talk can be helpful to women who have lost people important to them, including partners, parents, and children. Berns explains that by helping one another experience joy and grief simultaneously, we can find beauty in walking together on a path toward authentic healing.

Tara Shafer is the cofounder of Reconceiving Loss, an online resource center for families coping with pregnancy and infant loss. She is a contributing blogger to the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and BabyCenter. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and on National Public Radio. You can follow her on Twitter at @reconceivinglos.

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