Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Provides information for people who are affected by mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer.

Quit Smoking Community

Quit Smoking Community is an online community of people who are quitting smoking together. It has resources for and blog posts by people who are quitting.

Freedom From Smoking

FFS is an online program by the American Lung Association designed to help adults stop smoking.

Public School Review

Provides information about public schools across the country and discusses how to make choices about your kids' schools.

Expertise-Professional Resources for Women in Business

An article providing information for the owners of women-run businesses including information about small-business loans for women.

Drug Rehab

Provides a wealth of resources for those recovering from various substance addictions (or with loved ones who are recovering), including a page specifically for moms:

Guide to Veterans Education Benefits

Provides a guide to the education-related benefits available to veterans (but also some to family members of those who have served), including a searchable database of scholarships.

Injury Claim Coach

Provides an overview of things to consider when suing for elder abuse, including types of elder abuse and nursing home abuse as well as some relevant laws.

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