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Pen Parentis


Provides resources to help writers stay on creative track after they start a family. Warm, supportive online community. Awards annual Fellowship. Presents inspiring Literary Salons featuring the diversity of work by writer-parents to dispel the myth that you can’t be an artist and have a baby. Weekly NYC meetups.

Wage Authority Group


Provides details about the kind of discrimination single parents face in the workplace and information on minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and child labor standards affecting full-time and part-time workers in the private sector and in Federal, State, and local governments.

Discover Business MBA Guide

Provides a guide to MBA programs

Expertise-Professional Resources for Women in Business

An article providing information for the owners of women-run businesses including information about small-business loans for women.

National Able Network, Inc.


National Able Network, Inc. is a leading non-profit organization specializing in providing workforce development programming for individuals, families, and communities. We provide services to businesses in all major sectors and help job seekers of all ages, skills and income levels achieve economic self-sufficiency through gainful employment.

American Pregnancy Association

Provides information regarding the planning of maternity leave


Blog that shares personal stories and organizes various forms of social activism to empower women, especially mothers


Provides a brief summary of all the things you need to know about the Family and Medical Leave act


Explains the basics of maternity leave


This resource talks about the ideal forms of employment for mothers according to the opinion of other mothers and has several poll results and so on.


Briefly highlights the legal rights of citizens

Clarification of the Definition of Son or Daughter

Provides insight into which relationships fall under the legal definitions of parenting relationships. Especially helpful for trickier relationships.

Cornell University Law School

Highlights the Federal Code 28- Family and Medical Leaves

US Government Publishing Office

Federal Regulations for the Family and Medical Leave Act

American Pregnancy Association

Covers the basics of maternity leave for those completely unfamiliar with the concept


Explains the problems with the current maternity leave situation and provides an online petition to improve maternity leave laws in the US

LoveToKnow Health

Highlights the maternity leave policies of the Department of Defense

Army Study Guide

U.S. Army active duty pregnancy information

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