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The Natural Connection Health and Wellness

Opportunities for wellness activities

Pinnacle Health

A non-profit organization, we are dedicated to the health and wellness of the people we serve, and we have a long tradition of caring offering services form prenatal to geriatric

See Mommy Run

Running clubs for moms

Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation

By helping residents enthusiastically embrace a healthier lifestyle, we create a more dynamic community


The S.W.I.F.T. mission is to bond women in fitness and health together through a strong support system and environment that is welcoming to all athletic levels; training programs; fitness assessments; group runs/workouts; $30 annual membership

Girls on the Run


Girls on the Run International and GOTR councils collaborate with a variety of companies and non-profit organizations. This long list includes both for-profit corporations, and non-profits such as community hospitals, recreation centers, public and private schools, YWCA's, YMCA's, Boys & Girls Clubs, health departments, law enforcement organizations, running and fitness clubs and universities.

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