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Family Voices of North Dakota


A health information and education center for families who have children with special health care needs: disability, chronic illness, physical or mental health conditions. Through this national network, Family Voices provides families tools to make informed decisions, advocates for improved public and private policies, builds partnerships among professionals and families, and serves as a trusted resource on health care.

The Pathfinder Parent Center

701-837-7500/800-245-5840/TDD: 701-837-7501

The Pathfinder Parent Center helps families and schools understand the nature and needs of a child's condition, get information on how to parent children with special needs, work together to create individualized education programs, establish positive home/school communication, participate in educational decision-making processes, and support parents.

Fraser Ltd


Provides housing along with childcare for children with special needs.

Dakota Medical Foundation


Resources and websites for people with medical needs

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